24 Solar Terms -
15 Juni 2023

24 Solar Terms -" Grain in ear "

Grain in Ear, the ninth solar term. Due to the hindered dispersal of sweat from the body, there is a phenomenon of heat and humidity. The key is to clear heat and dispel dampness. In this season, the daytime is longer and the night time is shorter, so it is advisable to go to bed late and get up early. It is important to maintain a relaxed and pleasant state of mind for mental well-being. In terms of diet, it is recommended to consume foods that have the effect of clearing heat, benefiting qi, generating body fluids, and relieving thirst. Chinaturel recommends a few tips:

 1. Five-Flavour Goji Drink

ake 5 grams of vinegar-fried schisandra chinensis and 10 grams of goji berries. Put the schisandra chinensis and finely chopped goji berries in a porcelain cup, pour boiling water over them, let it soak for a while, then add white sugar and stir well before drinking. This drink nourishes kidney yin and boosts kidney yang. It is suitable for treating conditions of "summer deficiency" and is an effective tonic for health maintenance.

  2. Chrysanthemum and Sophora Green Tea Drink. 

This drink has the effects of clearing the liver, improving eyesight, soothing the throat, reducing swelling, calming the mind, and refreshing the brain.

Gou Qi

Huai Hua (Sophora)

Ju Hua (chrysanthemum)

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