24 Solar Terms -
6 July 2023

24 Solar Terms -" Start of Autumn "

Start of Autumn is the 13th solar term in the Chinese calendar, which falls on August 7th in the Gregorian calendar. It signifies the arrival of autumn. There is a saying that goes, "On the day of Start of Autumn, cool breezes arrive," indicating that autumn brings cool and refreshing weather with clear moonlit nights. However, we are familiar with the concept of "autumn tiger," which means that hot weather may still accompany us for a while. So how can we maintain health and well-being during the season of Start of Autumn? Chinaturel suggests the following:

1. Health Preservation during Start of Autumn:

Daily Routine: Emphasize the adjustment of daily routines and ensure sufficient sleep.

After Start of Autumn, it is recommended to establish a regular sleeping routine, going to bed and waking up early to adapt to the convergence of yang energy while allowing the lungs to expand. "Spring sleep, autumn fatigue, and summer napping" implies that after Start of Autumn, people may experience fatigue and a lack of energy. The main cause of fatigue is often a lack of sleep. It is important to avoid experiencing autumn fatigue and maintain sufficient sleep while engaging in moderate physical exercise with a gradual approach.

2. Mental Well-being: Pay attention to mental well-being and adapt to the gentle and balanced qi of autumn.

"A settled mind leads to tranquillity, and tranquillity leads to a serene nature." In autumn, if the lung qi is deficient, the body's tolerance to adverse stimuli decreases, making one more prone to restlessness, sadness, and other negative emotions. Therefore, in terms of mental well-being, it is important to maintain inner calmness and tranquillity. It is beneficial to participate in physical exercises such as walking, hiking, and traveling to alleviate negative emotions like melancholy and sorrow.

3. Diet: light and nourishing diet, focusing on Yin-nourishing and moisturizing foods. In autumn, appropriate supplementation with less spicy and sourer foods is recommended.

  • Moisturizing and calming foods:

Autumn weather tends to be dry. Although nights are cool, daytime temperatures can still be high. Therefore, according to the principle of "moisturize when dry," it is advisable to consume foods that nourish Yin, clear heat, moisturize, quench thirst, and have a calming effect. Options include sesame, honey, Tremella fungus, lily, and dairy products.

  • Foods that invigorate the spleen and stomach:

The summer heat can weaken the spleen and stomach. It is important to regulate and support the spleen and stomach. Consume foods that clear heat, promote diuresis, and invigorate the spleen to help eliminate dampness and heat from the body, facilitating the recovery of spleen and stomach functions. Examples of foods that invigorate the spleen and stomach include yam, lentils, chestnuts, dates, beef, and hawthorn.

  • Foods that nourish Yin and moisten the lungs:

The climate during Start of Autumn transitions from hot to cool, and the lungs correspond to the element of metal in the Five Elements. Like autumn, the lungs tend to be Yin in nature. Therefore, it is advisable to consume foods that nourish Yin and moisten the lungs. These include pear, Tremella fungus, lily, honey, soymilk, rock sugar, and black fungus




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