24 Solar Terms -
17 augustus 2023

24 Solar Terms -" End of Heat "

August 23rd is the traditional Chinese solar term of "Chushu," which marks the end of the summer heat and the beginning of cool autumn.

After Chushu, the days become shorter and the nights become longer, indicating the weakening of the yang energy and the strengthening of the yin energy. According to traditional Chinese medicine, during Chushu, there are two types of external pathogenic factors: "heat" and "dryness." Therefore, it is recommended to go to bed early and wake up early during this season. It is also advised to dress appropriately to prevent the accumulation of dampness and heat in the body that has built up during the summer.

During the Chushu period, people are prone to symptoms of dryness, such as dry mouth, nasal passages, and throat, as well as chapped lips. It is recommended to consume foods that clear heat and nourish the spirit.

In terms of diet and health during Chushu, the emphasis is on a mild and nourishing diet, which means consuming light and plain food. The diet should be "less spicy and more sour." Mild nourishment can help avoid excessive lung energy harming the liver and prevent damage to the spleen. The diet should focus on clearing heat, strengthening the spleen, eliminating dampness, moistening the lungs, and nourishing yin. Suitable foods include pears, grapes, lilies, spinach, lotus roots, tremella mushrooms, duck, duck eggs, glutinous rice, Job's tears, red adzuki beans, and milk, among others.

Zhongjing Tang recommends a representative medicinal diet for you:

Lily and Lotus Seed Soup: Calms the mind, nourishes the heart, invigorates the spleen, and harmonizes the stomach.

Ingredients: 100g dried lily bulbs, 75g dried lotus seeds, 75g rock sugar.

Instructions: Soak the dried lily bulbs in water overnight and rinse them thoroughly. Soak the lotus seeds for 4 hours and rinse them thoroughly. Place the lily bulbs and lotus seeds in a pot with water. Bring it to a boil over high heat, then add rock sugar. Reduce the heat and simmer for another 40 minutes. The soup is now ready to be consumed.

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