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3 juli 2023

24 Solar Terms - "Great Heat"

The major solar term "Dashu" is the last solar term of summer and the hottest time of the year, falling on July 23rd in the Gregorian calendar. In terms of health preservation during Great heat, the focus is on the concept of "qing" (clearness), which means emphasizing "clean" diet and "clearing heat" within the body, while also engaging in "clear nourishment." Clear nourishment primarily involves eliminating dampness. It is recommended to consume light and easily digestible foods to avoid burdening the gastrointestinal system. "Cleanliness" is of utmost importance for dietary hygiene in summer, as high temperatures can easily lead to food spoilage, resulting in diarrhea and gastrointestinal disorders. During the period of Dashu, it is advisable not to expose the body excessively to high temperatures, as it may impair temperature regulation functions. It is recommended to consume fresh vegetables and fruits regularly, and it is also beneficial to carry  herb products such as Huoxiang Zhengqi water, Rendan, and cooling oil when going outdoors.

Chinaturel suggests three dietary principles:

1. Consume more foods that help to resolve dampness and invigorate the spleen. During the Dashu period, in addition to the heat, it is important to pay attention to preventing "summer dampness." Therefore, recipes that have the functions of clearing heat, resolving dampness, and invigorating the spleen are recommended.
2. Include foods that nourish Qi (vital energy) and nourish Yin (nourish the body's fluids). The selected foods should be light and not overly greasy to avoid burdening the stomach and causing indigestion. Examples of such foods include Chinese yam, jujube, sea cucumber, eggs, milk, honey, lotus root, black fungus, soft-shelled turtle, soy milk, lily porridge, chrysanthemum porridge, etc., which are all excellent choices for summer nourishment.
3. Adequate supply of protein is essential. During summer, choose neutral or cool meats such as chicken, duck, lean pork, and pigeon as the main sources of meat consumption. Plant-based proteins can be obtained from soy products.

Recommended products for Great heat solar term

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Cooling oil



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