24 Solar Terms-
15 juni 2023

24 Solar Terms-"Lesser fullness grain"

Lesser fullness grain (Xiao man) is the eighth solar term in the 24 solar terms . The Xiaoman solar term is a prelude to the harvest and marks the beginning of the hot summer season, as well as a time when illnesses are more likely to occur. The Chinaturel earnestly advises everyone to have a "prevention before illness" health consciousness.

Regarding diet, after Xiaoman, the weather is not only hot, but there is also more sweating and rainfall. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on light and refreshing foods that clear heat, dampness, and nourish yin. It is advisable to avoid heavy and greasy foods, sweet and oily foods, and foods that are damp and humid. Of course, you can also use medicinal cuisine to regulate your diet, using ingredients such as white hyacinth bean, Poriae cocos, Ophiopogon japonicus, coix seed, and drinking some Sheng Mai Yin regularly to nourish the body's vitality and moisten the throat. 

Fu Ling (Poria cocos)


Mai Dong Men (Ophiopogon japonicus, coix seed)


Sheng Mai San (Rhytimic Form)


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