24 Solar Terms -
28 augustus 2023

24 Solar Terms -" White Dews "

Bailu, also known as "White Dew," is the 15th solar term among the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar, occurring from September 7th to 9th each year. During the Bailu season, the focus of health preservation is on nourishing the lungs, aiming to clear and purify lung energy. You can consume foods like pears, lilies, sugarcane, taro, radishes, tremella fungus, and honey dates.  Additionally, you can consider using some traditional Chinese herbal medicines that help nourish the lungs, moisten dryness, and benefit Qi, such as ginseng, sand ginseng, American ginseng, lilies, almonds, and Fritillaria. 

Chinaturel recommends a classic recipe:  Lotus Seed and Lily Bulb Stew

It has a moisturizing effect on the lungs and can help soothe coughs and inflammation. It's suitable for patients with chronic bronchitis.

Ingredients: 30g of lotus seeds, 30g of lily bulbs, 200g of lean pork.

Instructions: Soak the lotus seeds and lily bulbs in water for 30 minutes. Wash the lean pork and blanch it in boiling water (briefly scald). In the same pot, add fresh water and put in the lotus seeds, lily bulbs, and lean pork. Cook until well done (you can add a bit of salt and monosodium glutamate for seasoning if desired).

Semen Pruni Ameniacae 


Radix Glehniae littoralis


Bulbus Lilii


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