Major Focus:  “Shuang Qing He Ji ”is the Most Popular Product for Epidemic
26 juni 2023

Major Focus: “Shuang Qing He Ji ”is the Most Popular Product for Epidemic

Headline: "Shuang Qing He Ji: The Most Popular Product During the Epidemic"

On November 27, 2022, the "Shuang Qing He Ji" was named the most popular product during the coronavirus epidemic. It was also recommended as the best choice for treating influenza.

Shuang Qing He Ji incorporates the essence of four ancient formulas: "Da Qing Tang," "Qing Wen Bai Du Yin," "Gan Lu Xiao Du Dan," and "Ju Geng Tang." It is meticulously developed by combining the essence of traditional formulas and making new adjustments.

The advantages of the Shuang Qing He Ji are evident as it clears both the surface and interior, preventing the invasion of heat into the blood camp, and harmonizing the defensive qi systems. It is considered the most authentic traditional Chinese medicine for treating colds, with a high dosage of 33.6g of raw herbs. It is praised by experts as having the most authentic "traditional Chinese medicine taste," avoiding the potential harm to vital energy by bitter and cold herbs, and preventing the entry of pathogenic factors.

Shuang Qing He Ji follows the principles of "clearing both the surface and interior" in traditional Chinese medicine theory. It includes ingredients like honeysuckle and dandelion leaf, which disperse wind-heat and clear heat-toxin. It also contains forsythia and patchouli, which relieve exterior wind and transform dampness, and turmeric, which promotes qi circulation, relieves depression, activates blood circulation, clears heat, and cools the blood. Other ingredients such as rehmannia clear heat, cool the blood, and generate body fluids to suppress coughing, while balloon flower and licorice promote lung function, relieve cough, and dissolve phlegm. The formula as a whole clears heat, detoxifies, and works both on the surface and interior. Additionally, warm-natured herbs are added to the formula to avoid damaging the body's vital energy and allowing the invasion of pathogenic factors. It treats the disease without harming the spleen and stomach.

Influenza has a high incidence rate and strong infectivity. Clinical manifestations include high fever, sore throat, fatigue, headache, cough, and muscle soreness. Integrating both Chinese and Western medicine, "clearing both the surface and interior" remains an important and common therapeutic principle for treating prevalent colds (influenza). Experts recommend seeking treatment early, and once there is discomfort in the palatal region of the mouth or sore throat, timely medication should be taken to prevent further aggravation of the condition.

Shuang Qing He Ji has been affirmed for its effectiveness and rapid fever reduction. It has satisfactory results in improving cough due to lung heat, positive signs in the lungs, and tongue appearance. Its efficacy is even better in treating wind-heat invading the lungs.  Shuang Qing He Ji demonstrates strong antiviral capabilities against seasonal influenza viruses and subtypes of influenza viruses. It shows better efficacy in treating patients with respiratory tract infections, external fever, and influenza-like symptoms.

Chinaturel is honored to be the exclusive distributor of the Shuang Qing He Ji  in the European market. This product is suitable for people of all constitutions and is the preferred choice for children and the elderly. It truly becomes an essential product for all seasons.

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