Discover our body's signals
27 March 2023

Discover our body's signals

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder in which you have trouble falling and/or staying asleep. Symptoms also include waking up often during the night and having trouble going back to sleep. According to the theroy of TCM, insomnia is mainly caused by a fundamental imbalance of energy, or yin and yang.

Based on the recommendations from TCM practitioner, the following combination of methods can be used to relieve insomnia:

  1. Acupuncture;
  2. Cupping;
  3. Acupressure Massage;
  4. Chinese herbs;

Let us introduce you to several useful Traditional Chinese Herbs, all available at Chinaturel, which can effectively help you to improve the quality of sleep: Bai he, Suan Zao Ren, Bai Zi Ren, Yuan Zhi, He Huan Pi, and many more.

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